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Government by crony

One of the reasons that Ayn Rand was successful was that she very clearly identified the problem of cronyism, a far too close association between government and industry. Recognising the problem is easy, however. What she signally failed to do was provide any workable solution.

Gaimard, linguist

Despite the distances involved, there was clearly much coming and going between the islands of the central Carolines in the early 1800s, and their languages, or dialects, would be expected to be very similar also. Gaimard, however, provided two vocabularies for these islands and where they overlap they have major differences, even in such basic matters as the names of the numerals.

Who now remembers MIN?

In December 2021, someone from the South Australia Department of Mines and Energy posted a historical note on LinkedIn., with pictures of survey aircraft VH-BUR. It brought vividly to mind the sight, and odour, of her companion, VH-MIN

Christmas on the Uranie

It being close to Christmas as I write, I began to think about how that was celebrated on board the Uranie. The fact is – hardly at all.

That lefty liberal, Liz Truss

It is not often I agree with Peter Hitchens, but it can happen. A few days he wrote an article for the Daily Mail, centered around a picture of the Foreign Secretary, Liz Truss, taking a photo-op on a Challenger tank, somewhere in Estonia. She looked ridiculous.

Wherein lieth the fault?

A paper published in 2014 shows two possible locations for the Owen Stanley Fault Zone in eastern Papua, one based on gravity, the other on geology. Which is right?