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A Freycinet catalogue

The Internet is a treasure trove for the early publications on the Uranie voyage but, like all good hidden treasures, there are many obstacles to their retrieval. Digital images of the volumes of the ‘Voyage autour du Monde’ can be found, but quality is very variable and not all volumes are easy to find. There are, moreover, some issues surrounding the contents of the various volumes and their the dates of publication.

Cobar – aeromagnetic pioneer

In early 1963 Australia’s Bureau of Mineral Resources, the BMR. carried out the first airborne proton magnetometer survey in the country, using the instrument designed and largely built by John Newman.

A letter from the Falklands

Rose de Freycinet sent letters to her mother on every occasion when there was some prospect of their reaching France, up to and including the stay in Sydney. She continued to write after that, but we know this only because she mentioned sending a letter from the Falklands in her diary. A copy of a letter from her to her parennts-in-law sent at the same time has survived.

Rand, Mogg and Fracking

In one respect it seems that Ayn Rand was ahead of her time; she anticipated fracking. However, tor onshore fracking to make the UK self-sufficient in gas, some two thousand wells would have to be drilled every year. Could this be realised in our tight little island?

Government by crony

One of the reasons that Ayn Rand was successful was that she very clearly identified the problem of cronyism, a far too close association between government and industry. Recognising the problem is easy, however. What she signally failed to do was provide any workable solution.