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Welcome to Duroca**

It took a few years for the significance of the linear magnetic anomalies discovered by Ron Mason and Arthur Raff to be realised, but they were key factors in the development of Plate Tectonics. This development might have been considerably delayed if their work, arguably the first systematic magnetic survey of a large area of oceanic crust, had instead been carried out over the seas east of Queensland. Even today the uniform data set that provides the best approach to study of this region is gravitational, not magnetic.

Joseph-Paul Gaimard – a life (work in progress)

Joseph-Paul Gaimard’s life was a complicated one. In1832 he transitioned from being an explorer of the Pacific tropics to becoming an explorer of the sub-Arctic. Tracking his lif in contemporary documnts is a large project, and far from complete.

Road Rand

Our modern society relies not just on roads but on a road network. That connectivity has to be countrywide. How can that work without taxation? This was a question that Ayn Rand avoided, although in her books, although she assumed that road networks existed. Modern libertarians have addressed that question, but have they provided satisfactory answers?