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Government by crony

One of the reasons that Ayn Rand was successful was that she very clearly identified the problem of cronyism, a far too close association between government and industry. Recognising the problem is easy, however. What she signally failed to do was provide any workable solution.

That lefty liberal, Liz Truss

It is not often I agree with Peter Hitchens, but it can happen. A few days he wrote an article for the Daily Mail, centered around a picture of the Foreign Secretary, Liz Truss, taking a photo-op on a Challenger tank, somewhere in Estonia. She looked ridiculous.

A Racing Certainty

Ayn Rand believed that governments are, by their very nature, corrupt. Many people would agree that, in that respect at least, she had a point. As far as UK politics are concerned, the events of early November 2021 would certainly support that view.

Railroad Rand (5: The miner)

Ayn Rand believed that all government was evil. So evil, in fact, that even borrowing money from it to buy a business was a sin that deserved a death sentence.

The armed libertarian

Ayn Rand thought that governments were not to be trusted, and the world would be a better place if they didn’t exist, but she still thought an army to be a necessity. More extreme libertarians disagree. They want lots of them.

Mendocino dry

As far as the Mendocino water shortage is concerned, Ayn Rand’s former disciple Murray Rothbard has presented his own solution to a similar problem. He came, of course, to his inevitable conclusion. Free, unfettered private enterprise would deliver.