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Pendulums and geology’s strongest gravity effect

There has to be a point on the Earth’s surface where the effect of geology on gravity is greatest. With the sea-covered areas unlikely settings because of the low density of sea water and almost all land areas now covered to some extent by gravity surveys, it is possible to say, with a fair degree of confidence, where that place is. It is on the largest of the Bonin (or Ogasawara) Islands, Chichi-jima,

An education

One result of the chaos created in the UK over the last few years by old Etonians (with some help from the alumni of other ‘public’ schools such as Dulwich and Durham) has been a renewal of calls for the dismantling of our dual approach to education,

Jean Baptiste Rives

None of the crew of the Uranie deserted in Hawaii, but when the corvette left the islands at least one Frenchman was left behind. He had been there when the expedition arrived …..