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Ayn Rand was stupid …

…….. which really wouldn’t matter, except that we now have a Home Secretary (widely tipped as the next Chancellor of the Exchequer) who is said to read a chapter of one her books, the Fountainhead, at least twice a year for inspiration!


The Gladestry Old Men’s Lunch was unanimous in its opinion that there was not one person in the upper levels of any of the three main political parties for whom one could feel the slightest shred of respect. Ayn Rand would, of course, have agreed …..

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Mogg in meltdown

It seems that Jacob Rees-Mogg thinks that the people who died in the Grenfell fire did so because they lacked common-sense, and that Andrew Bridgen, his apologist who has now himself apologised, thinks that Mogg would have survived because he is clever.

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The looters of Thomas Cook

In Atlas Shrugged there are three types of people who matter. There are the god-like ‘rational men’, whose every action is dictated by reasoned self interest, there are the ‘moochers’ who seek to be parasitic on them, pleading always for hand-outs based on their ‘need’, and there are the ‘looters’, who want much more and take action, sometimes violent, to ensure that they get it.

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An education

One result of the chaos created in the UK over the last few years by old Etonians (with some help from the alumni of other ‘public’ schools such as Dulwich and Durham) has been a renewal of calls for the dismantling of our dual approach to education,

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The gold of the Rand

So, the frenzy of the Brecon & Radnor by-election is now behind us and we can all move on. A frenzy, it has to be said, that was more apparent in the pages of the national press than it ever was here on the ground in East Radnorshire. Faced with a line-up of five of the most lack-lustre prospective MPs ever presented to voters in what was billed as a crucial by-election…

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“The Fountainhead” on stage

If I had been following the theatre more consistently, I would have known some weeks ago, when I was writing the previous blog, that Ivo van Hove’s theatrical realisation of Ayn Rand’s ‘The Fountainhead’ was about to hit Manchester. Ten days ago it was on stage at The Lowry, as part of the city’s International Festival…

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The Defence of Howard Roark

According to an article by Fraser Nelson in the Spectator of 11 February 2017, “Just before Christmas, Sajid Javid performed a ritual he has observed twice a year throughout his adult life: he read the courtroom scene in The Fountainhead.” Nelson also reported that “As a student, Javid read the passage to his now-wife, but only once — she told him she’d have nothing more to do with him if he tried it again.” A sensible woman, obviously…

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